Fotolog is the world's leading photo-blogging site, one of the world's largest social networking sites and a global cultural phenomenon. More than 22 million members in over 200 countries use Fotolog as a simple and fun way to express themselves through online photo diaries or photo blogs.

What makes Fotolog special is not just the ability to post photos, but the way it makes it easy to connect with others - whether staying in touch with friends and family, exploring the diverse Fotolog universe, discovering photos of new people from different cultures, participating in the site's fascinating special-interest communities or, perhaps most important, receiving personal feedback from around the world on your photos.

Launched in May 2002 by Scott Heiferman and Adam Seifer as a small community project of 200 friends, Fotolog today generates more than 4 billion page views and receives more than 19 million unique visitors each month(ComScore, June 2008). Fotolog ranks among the top 100 in the Alexa list of the world's most trafficked websites (click here for today's ranking) and was named a Site of the Week by PC Magazine.

Based in New York City, Fotolog is headed by Arne Jokela, President and Chief Technology Officer, and Yossi Langer, President and Chief Product Officer. The senior management team also includes Chief Financial Officer Jerome Dangu and Chief Revenue Officer Eglantine Dever. Fotolog is a subsidiary of Hi-Media (HIM.PA), a leading online media company with headquarters in Paris, France.

Fotolog: the world’s leading photo-blogging site

* 10th most trafficked social networking site in the world (Alexa, November 2008)

* Over 22 million registered members (Fotolog, December 2008)

* Over 19.1 million unique visitors a month worldwide (comScore, June 2008):

o - Latin America:

* # 1 social networking site in Chile

* # 2 social networking site in Argentina

o - Europe: 5.8 million unique visitors a month

* # 2 social networking site in Spain

* 4.4 billion page views/month

* More than 600 million photos posted (Fotolog, July 2008)

* An engaged audience:

o - Fotolog’s users spend on average 48 minutes monthly on Fotolog while the Google Analytics benchmark for the social networking category is only 5.52 minutes (Google Analytics, September 2008)

o - Fotolog’s visitors view 12.67 pages per visit, on average while the Google Analytics benchmark for the social networking category is 6.53 pages per visits (Google Analytics, September 2008)


* A mixed audience : 49% male, 51% female (comScore, June 2008)

* A core target under 35 (comScore, June 2008):

o - 53% of our audience is under 35

o - 15 - 24 (36%)

o - 25 - 34 (17%)

o - 35 - 44 (16%)

o - 45 - 54 (22%)

o - 55 + (9%)

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